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Mantis tiller

Mantis tiller

(Code: 7565-12-02)
American Electric Mantis tiller will allow you to take a fresh look at the approach to the management of the economy on the plot . This unit , presented by Little Wonder, is a quality , reliable and versatile . All nodes cultivator thought , repeatedly tested and designed for long-lasting smooth operation .
Mantis tiller - main features:
- Simplicity and ease of use ;
- Low weight - 9kg ;
- Quality tillage to a depth of 25cm ;
- High efficiency (2 hundredths per hour) ;
- Patented dual cutter with 40 teeth, serpentine , curved in the horizontal and vertical planes at precisely calculated angles , providing not only quality grinding, but also mixing the treated soil;
- Convenient location of the switch ;
- Centrifugal clutch , allowing to make on and off rotation cutters using throttle ;
- Possibility to work plowing , cultivating and weeding .


Country of origin
Mantis (USA)
Engine power 1,5 л.с.
Manual start
Fuel АИ-92,АИ-95
Rates 1-вперед
Working width 41 см
Plowing depth 25 см
Diameter cutters 22 см
Reducer Червячный
Clutch Центробежная муфта
Weight 15 кг
Warranty period 3 года - культиватор, 5 лет - фрезы
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